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Healthcare DENMARK hat das einzigartige nationale und politische Mandat, die Exzellenz des dänischen Gesundheitswesens und dessen internationale Präsenz unter Beweis zu stellen. Wir organisieren Besuchsprogramme für Delegationen internationaler Entscheidungsträger und die internationale Presse. Bei uns haben Sie die Gelegenheit, innovative Gesundheitslösungen in der Praxis zu erleben und die Menschen zu treffen, die dahinter stehen und die alle Teil eines umfangreichen Netzwerks öffentlicher und privater Akteure sind.

Healthcare DENMARK ist eine öffentlich-private gemeinnützige Partnerschaft und verkauft deshalb keine Produkte oder Dienstleistungen.

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Ihre Königliche Hoheit, Kronprinzessin Mary von Dänemark, ist Schirmherrin von Healthcare DENMARK.


Grupo EMI Falck Denmark A/S runs emergency and medical operations in Latin America. Through Falck’s subsidiary - Grupo EMI - Falck offers a wide range of medical services to 901,228 private subscribers in Columbia, El Salvador, Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador and Uruguay. The services include e.g. pre-hospital care services; ambulance services; EMS services; medical consultations defined as health situations relating to chronic and acute diseases that are not time critical including pediatric consultations; service whereby the subscriber can be attended by a group of specialist doctors at a favorable fee and hospitalization at home: offering medical attention and nursing at ”hospital standards” at home when hospital infrastructure is no longer required but the patient still needs complex attendance and active monitoring. The need for emergency and medical services of high quality in Latin America is high, so this market is in rapid growth.
Germany - 2018 implementation in two federal states

Projects involving dispatch centres, university hospitals, various first responder groups and AED registering, in regions with about 600.000 people. Further regions of Germany have also decided implementation of the FirstAED system, pending technical clarification.
Helping my grandfather

Getting old has it's benefits, but it can certainly also be a challenge, if anyone knows this, it's my grandfather. Getting into his mid 80's, he started experiencing problems with his back. I figured i would give him a swivel cushion. This cushion consists of two layers of slippery fabric, that when connected on the middle by an axis, slides and swivels freely on one another. The cushion helps my grandfather keep his back in a straight position when he gets into the car, and as a result, he is experiencing less back pain.
Langagergaard: The care-center Langagergaard is a state of the art retirement home on Sealand. It was officially opened in 2012, and holds 85 spacious and pleasant apartments for elderly or people suffering from dementia. The apartments are divided into eight sections, each with a common area for leisure and socializing as well as a dining room. In the care-center of Langagergaard, there is also a café, hair-dresser, nurse-center, hot-water swimming pool and a daycare activity center. All this is a part of Forenede Cares philosophy of enabling each individual to take part of a social everyday life, also when you become older. Langagergaard home page:Read more here

Helping out the capital region!

We entered a framework agreement with the capital region, to help patients from spending too long time from being referred to actual treatment is started. In this agreement the region saved money by bying a collective number of places, and the patients got treatment earlier.
Implementation of GO.Guide at Oticon

The Danish hearing aid manufacturer, Oticon, had an overall desire to find a more effective way to pack their orders. The company were struggling with time waste when packing orders. After having examined the existing system, Frontmatec's technicans implemented a customized version of the GO.Guide that met the concrete needs of Oticon. By installing the solution, Oticon is now capable of managening twice as many orders as before. Furthermore, the implementation of GO.Guide has given the employees much more flexibility during the workday.
Ergo Pro's evaluation of SPB

Ergo Pro have made an evaluation of SPB and their conclusion is that SPB has a great potential. According to their report, SPB meets two of the great demands in the healthcare business: preventing bed sores and moving bed ridden patients. These two demands have not been integrated in the same product before now. SPB is easy to use and is very cost effective.
The eHealth platform

The eHealth platform can be understood as the central part of the German-Danish eHealth Innovation Center. One of the main purposes of the platform is to create a connecting tool for partners from science and business online. It gives Danish and German companies the opportunity to sign in for free, be part of the network and benefit from information on the health care industry of their bordering country or on relevant events and much more. For signing in or more information please visit the portal´s website at http://ddk-eic.eu/en/.

Danish Minister for Health inaugurates new life science office
Dezember 12, 2018

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Healthcare DENMARK expands and establishes a life science office
Dezember 10, 2018

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France explores innovative Danish e-Health solutions
Dezember 07, 2018

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Merger strengthens the efforts to attract clinical trials to Denmark
Dezember 06, 2018

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Join the business delegation to Vibrant Gujarat
Gujarat, India
Januar 17, 2019 - Januar 20, 2019

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Danish Royal Visit to South Korea
Seoul, South Korea
Mai 20, 2019 - Mai 22, 2019

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"Ich möchte ein herzliches Dankeschön für die hohe Qualität des Besuches in Dänemark aussprechen. Die dänischen Beispiele zeigen uns, dass es möglich ist Modernität und Humanismus anhand eines patientenzentrierten Ansatzes zu vereinbaren." - Jean Marie Barbot, Président de l'ADRHESS, France - "Wir hatten eine sehr produktive Zeit in Dänemark. Die Gruppe lernte sehr viel dank der hervorragenden Organisierung von Healthcare DENMARK. Die Erfahrung und der Inhalt des Programms wurde von allen sehr geschätzt." - Joe Simpson, Director, Leadership Centre, UK - "Der Besuch in Dänemark war einer der besten, und die Hilfe von Healthcare DENMARK war ausgezeichnet. Alle Referenten waren sehr offen, und die geteilten Informationen haben uns dabei geholfen das dänische Gesundheitssystem und die Innovationen in Dänemark zu verstehen.“ - David Schmidt, President of TPG-International Health Academy - "Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit allem was ich gesehen habe sowie mit der Gastfreundlichkeit, die mir und meinen Kollegen während unseres Aufenthaltes in Dänemark gewährt wurde. Wir sind dem Healthcare DENMARK Team für die exzellente Koordinierung unseres Besuches sehr dankbar.“ - Dario Nakić, Croatian Minister of Health