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Healthcare DENMARK hat das einzigartige nationale und politische Mandat, die Exzellenz des dänischen Gesundheitswesens und dessen internationale Präsenz unter Beweis zu stellen. Wir organisieren Besuchsprogramme für Delegationen internationaler Entscheidungsträger und die internationale Presse. Bei uns haben Sie die Gelegenheit, innovative Gesundheitslösungen in der Praxis zu erleben und die Menschen zu treffen, die dahinter stehen und die alle Teil eines umfangreichen Netzwerks öffentlicher und privater Akteure sind.

Healthcare DENMARK ist eine öffentlich-private gemeinnützige Partnerschaft und verkauft deshalb keine Produkte oder Dienstleistungen.

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Ihre Königliche Hoheit, Kronprinzessin Mary von Dänemark, ist Schirmherrin von Healthcare DENMARK.



Agfa HealthCare Denmark is providing the IMPAX unified imaging platform that provides PACS and advanced image processing which is tailored specifically to the size and needs that is required. (Please contact Agfa HealthCare for reference case).

The municipality of Høje-Taastrup in the Copenhagen area is using Homerehab to maintain the physical activity level of citizens with COPD and to prevent readmissions: “Our criteria for choosing an e-health solution for patient exercise and monitoring was that it needed to target specific chronic conditions and be easy to use for senior citizens. We believe that Homerehab will improve the citizen’s self-management skills and that it help them to stay active in their own homes. Our expectation is that Homerehab will lead to a decrease of social benefits needed and that it will contribute to diminishing the number of readmissions”.
Testimonal 2

"As a wheelchair user, I have tried different cushions through the years, but always with doubtful results. I have among other things endured a period with pressure sores. Furthermore been sitting on pure foam cushions that I had to change every third month, as they were compressed so much that they couldn't offer me any support. That is why my reaction after I tried the Akva Care cushion was one of great relief. It just feels so good... Now, I can sit without getting sore and the durability of the cushion is not an issue anymore." Margrethe Iversen, mentally disabled
Minimizing risks associated with executive development and hires

Albright employs a unique process called Albright Match Triangle© Method to significantly minimize risks associated with executive development and hires. The goal of any hiring or development process is to ensure an overall optimal match. What differentiates Albright and transcends into meaningful benefits for our clients is the robustness of our methodology facilitated by the triangulation of three methods to ensure an optimal match. In essence, we reduce the risk of costly mishires by employing the methods of Culture Match, Organizational Match and Leadership Match.

Ambu® Aura-i™ Disposable Laryngeal Mask

In case of a “Cannot Intubate – Cannot mask Ventilate” (CI-CV) situation, where the end-game is to intubate the patient, the Ambu® Aura-i™ can be used as conduit for direct endotracheal intubation assisted by a flexible scope (such as the Ambu® aScope™). The airway tube is designed to allow easy passage of an appropriately sized ET-tube. The recommended ET-tube size is indicated on the connector block of the mask. The Aura-i™ comes in a complete range of 8 sizes, suitable for infants, pediatrics and adults. Key Features Built-in anatomically correct curve for easy atraumatic insertion Intubating capability using standard ET-tubes Bite resistance in the connector block prevents occlusions and ensures a stable position Convenient depth marks for monitoring correct position Pilot balloon identifies mask size and provides precise tactile indication of degree of inflation Navigation marks for guiding Fiber/Videoscope ET-tube size indication on the connector block Packaged sterile and ready to use 8 different mask sizes covering infant, pediatric and adult Latex free.
The Bright side of Genetics - Making Informed Decisions

We cannot change the genes we are born with, but we can study them to know what to expect. We recently helped a family in which little L. had died as a consequence of a SCN8A genetic mutation. There was nothing that could be done about that, but when her mom became pregnant again, knowing that her son did not have the same mutation after a screening was a huge relief for all. With the technology and our experts' knowledge, we have been able to help patients and families in similar situations.
Electronic access control - Aarhus municipality

We experience more safety “Our home care employees have been very satisfied with Care Access and the process. Our employees previously used a lot of time handling and exchanging keys and this time can now be used more sensible. At the same time the system gives the residents peace of mind.”
Touch & Play and "John"

Employees at Rise Carecenter tell the tale of their local resident "John" and how his interaction with Touch & Play changed the way they viewed him. Due to his condition "John" could not speak and needed help with everything. He One day, an employee played a game with "John" using Touch & Play. Using only his right arm, "John" not only managed to complete the game but he also beat the employee at it. That put a smile on "John's" face. Since then, the employee saw "John" in a different light. Not just as somone who needed help with everything.

Danish Minister for Health inaugurates new life science office
Dezember 12, 2018

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Healthcare DENMARK expands and establishes a life science office
Dezember 10, 2018

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France explores innovative Danish e-Health solutions
Dezember 07, 2018

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Merger strengthens the efforts to attract clinical trials to Denmark
Dezember 06, 2018

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Join the business delegation to Vibrant Gujarat
Gujarat, India
Januar 17, 2019 - Januar 20, 2019

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Vitalis 2019 - the largest e-health event in Scandinavia
Gothenburg, Sweden
Mai 21, 2019 - Mai 24, 2019

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"Ich möchte ein herzliches Dankeschön für die hohe Qualität des Besuches in Dänemark aussprechen. Die dänischen Beispiele zeigen uns, dass es möglich ist Modernität und Humanismus anhand eines patientenzentrierten Ansatzes zu vereinbaren." - Jean Marie Barbot, Président de l'ADRHESS, France - "Wir hatten eine sehr produktive Zeit in Dänemark. Die Gruppe lernte sehr viel dank der hervorragenden Organisierung von Healthcare DENMARK. Die Erfahrung und der Inhalt des Programms wurde von allen sehr geschätzt." - Joe Simpson, Director, Leadership Centre, UK - "Der Besuch in Dänemark war einer der besten, und die Hilfe von Healthcare DENMARK war ausgezeichnet. Alle Referenten waren sehr offen, und die geteilten Informationen haben uns dabei geholfen das dänische Gesundheitssystem und die Innovationen in Dänemark zu verstehen.“ - David Schmidt, President of TPG-International Health Academy - "Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit allem was ich gesehen habe sowie mit der Gastfreundlichkeit, die mir und meinen Kollegen während unseres Aufenthaltes in Dänemark gewährt wurde. Wir sind dem Healthcare DENMARK Team für die exzellente Koordinierung unseres Besuches sehr dankbar.“ - Dario Nakić, Croatian Minister of Health