Information material

Download our free materials about Danish healthcare excellence and innovation to gain a comprehensive insight into medical care services, healthcare facilities and technologies.

Healthcare DENMARK often receives queries on material and information about the Danish healthcare system and innovative solutions. Therefore, we are launching an ongoing series of information kits focusing on relevant themes within Danish healthcare.

You are welcome to use slides and videos, which are available in the information kits, in your own presentations, if you want to update relevant audiences in your country on some of the developments in Denmark.

Please note: Materials in our information kits may be used in its entirety, without modifications or exclusions. If you wish to use extracts from the material in our information kits, please contact us for our approval.

The first information kit about e-health is now available and we hope that this collection of slides, videos, and reports will inspire you.

Healthcare DENMARK is committed to continuously providing you with high-quality materials, and we always welcome your input. Please send us an e-mail at with your comments or suggestions for possible additions to the existing materials.