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New Danish initiative to strengthen elderly care

November 21, 2017

A new initiative by the Danish government will help strengthen the Danish elder care sector.

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New national action plan for diabetes

November 14, 2017

A new national action plan for diabetes has been launched in Denmark with the purpose to improve preventive efforts, early detection, and increase focus on individually targeted treatment.

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Switzerland shows great interest in Danish hospital constructions and eHealth

November 10, 2017

A delegation from Switzerland visits Denmark for two days to find inspiration and learn from Danish experiences within the field of new hospital constructions and eHealth.

Denmark Delegation Visit E-Health Healthcare Buildings

Canada and USA inspired by Danish healthy ageing

November 08, 2017

A high-level delegation from Canada and USA visits Denmark to find inspiration in the Danish approach to healthy ageing.

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Danish hospital wins two international prizes for service logistics

November 06, 2017

The New University Hospital in Aarhus (DNU) has recently been awarded with two international prizes for the implementation of innovative service logistics solutions.

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Danish export of healthcare solutions sets new record

November 02, 2017

Report from the Confederation of Danish Industry shows that exports of Danish healthcare solutions increase and thus set a new record in 2016.

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Danish hospitals choose IT solution to improve efficiency

Oktober 24, 2017

Three hospitals in the Capital Region of Denmark will soon implement a new system by Danish company Systematic that enables better distribution of tasks and improves communication.

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English decision makers look into Danish living labs

Oktober 12, 2017

English delegates visited Odense, Denmark, during WHINN (Week of Health and INNovation) to learn more about the Danish concept of living labs and healthcare innovation.

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Sweden looks into Danish assisted living technology

Oktober 06, 2017

A Swedish delegation visits Denmark to learn more about the Danish elder care sector and innovative assisted living technologies.

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Ukraine finds inspiration in Danish healthcare innovation

Oktober 04, 2017

A delegation from Ukraine visits Denmark for three days to find inspiration and learn from Danish experiences within healthcare innovation.

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