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New business case on telemedicine for COPD patients

März 13, 2017

The Danish Agency for Digitisation has recently published a new business case on nationwide dissemination of home telehealth monitoring for COPD patients.


France looks into Danish assisted living technologies

März 09, 2017

A French delegation visits Denmark to learn about innovative Danish assisted living technologies and the Danish elder care sector.

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New Danish nursing home designed especially for blind people

März 08, 2017

The construction of a new Danish nursing home specifically for blind and visually impaired citizens has started in Valby, in the Capital Region of Denmark.

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Denmark is still the most digital country in Europe

März 07, 2017

Denmark retains the lead in the annual Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI).

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Germany seeks inspiration in Danish e-health and robotic solutions

März 03, 2017

A delegation of German doctors and decision makers from Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein and Universität zu Lübeck visits the Region of Southern Denmark to find inspiration in Danish e-health and robotic solutions.

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New Danish genome centre for research on personalized medicine

März 01, 2017

The Danish Ministry of Health is going to establish a new national genome centre to implement the Danish government’s and Danish Regions’ strategy on personalized medicine.

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Danes live longer than ever before

Februar 27, 2017

Today, the average life expectancy for Danes is 80.8 years, which is 0.2 years longer than last year.

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New large innovative extension of Danish hospital

Februar 23, 2017

The Danish hospital, New Hvidovre Hospital, located in the Capital Region of Denmark has recently started its major expansion project.

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New Danish recommendations for elderly medical patients

Februar 21, 2017

The Danish Health Authority has introduced a new proposal to prevent malnourishment and unplanned weight loss among elderly medical patients.

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Japan learns about Danish healthcare innovation

Februar 20, 2017

A Japanese delegation visits Odense, Denmark, to learn about the Danish healthcare system and innovation.

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