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Danish hospital improves efficiency in turnaround time of blood samples

Februar 17, 2017

The Danish hospital located in Viborg, Jutland, is planning to introduce a pneumatic tube system to increase the speed in which the blood samples are delivered and processed.

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Danish hospital first in the world with new scanner technology

Februar 15, 2017

As the first hospital in the world, Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital has inaugurated a new innovative scanner in the Department of Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine.

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Inauguration of new innovative Danish hospital

Februar 13, 2017

The opening of a new hospital marks the first public-private partnership in Denmark within psychiatric hospital construction.

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New Danish test reduces use of penicillin

Februar 10, 2017

A new Danish test can prevent pregnant women from receiving unnecessary penicillin.

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Brand new White Paper about Hospital Logistics

Februar 09, 2017

Healthcare DENMARK is proud to present a brand new White Paper about Hospital Logistics. Download it here.

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City of Gothenburg seeks inspiration in Danish elderly care

Februar 07, 2017

A Swedish delegation visits Denmark to experience Danish elderly care innovations.

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New Danish robot increases quality of care

Februar 06, 2017

New innovative Danish robot performs gentle transfers of patients and increases quality of care.

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New Danish IT-solution for rehabilitation of patients with heart disease

Februar 02, 2017

A new Danish online platform has been developed as part of the project, ‘Future Patient’, a tele-rehabilitation project for patients with heart failure.

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Germany finds inspiration in the Danish care model

Februar 01, 2017

A German delegation visits Denmark to find inspiration in the Danish care model and hospital constructions.

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New Danish discovery determines risk of lung cancer

Januar 31, 2017

Danish scientists discover new method for evaluating the risk of lung cancer from blood sample.

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