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New project to boost health innovation among students

Juli 22, 2016

A new project in Greater Copenhagen will encourage health innovation and entrepreneurship among students.

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Crystals improve internal radiation therapy

Juli 21, 2016

A new groundbreaking Danish developed method uses crystals to improve precision in internal radiation therapy.

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Cycling reduces risk of diabetes

Juli 20, 2016

New Danish research shows that as little as one hour of cycling a week can reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

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Citizens appreciate digital rehabilitation

Juli 18, 2016

In a new project, sensor technology supplements traditional rehabilitation courses in four Danish municipalities, and the results are promising.

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New Danish allergy test is more accurate

Juli 15, 2016

Danish researchers have developed a more accurate and user-friendly metal allergy test.

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New Danish method detects virus on surfaces

Juli 14, 2016

A new method developed by Danish researchers can detect human viruses on surfaces such as tabletops and furniture.

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COPD citizens meet for a digital coffee break

Juli 13, 2016

On a new digital platform, citizens with COPD meet for a digital coffee break and support each other through their illness.


Danish company raises funds for new blood glucose monitor

Juli 12, 2016

The Danish technology company, RSP Systems A/S, raises funds to accelerate development of a new non-invasive blood glucose monitor.

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New app will ease communication for hearing impaired

Juli 11, 2016

A new Danish developed app will support people with hearing impairments in their communication with healthcare professionals.


Big Data project helps Danish companies grow

Juli 07, 2016

A business project on Big Data aims to boost growth in Danish companies by better utilization of data.

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