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Danish pharmaceutical company strikes international deal

August 10, 2016

Danish pharmaceutical company Genmab has signed an international licencing deal on its technology for research in antibodies.

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New project to boost Danish protein research

August 05, 2016

Five Danish universities team up in a new project to boost Danish research in mass spectrometry and protein composition.

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Denmark is the second-most innovative country

August 01, 2016

According to a new analysis by the European Commission, Denmark is the second-most innovative country in the union.

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Danish at-home sperm test now available worldwide

Juli 29, 2016

An innovative Danish sperm quality test for home testing is now available in most of the world.

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Danish research project to revolutionize detection of blood clots

Juli 28, 2016

Danish researchers work on developing a blood sample that can determine blood clots in acute patients.


Fewer Danish women experience childbirth lesions

Juli 27, 2016

Targeted projects at Danish maternity wards have resulted in a plummeting of childbirth lesions.

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Danish med student develops groundbreaking surgical doll

Juli 26, 2016

A Danish med student has developed a new surgical doll for students to practice operations on.

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New project to boost health innovation among students

Juli 22, 2016

A new project in Greater Copenhagen will encourage health innovation and entrepreneurship among students.

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Crystals improve internal radiation therapy

Juli 21, 2016

A new groundbreaking Danish developed method uses crystals to improve precision in internal radiation therapy.

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Cycling reduces risk of diabetes

Juli 20, 2016

New Danish research shows that as little as one hour of cycling a week can reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

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