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Australian delegates learn from Danish experts in elder care

Juni 19, 2015

An Australian delegation with top-level representatives from institutions within the Australian healthcare sector visited Denmark to learn more about the innovative solutions in Danish elder care.

Delegation Visit

Millions to fight pathological gambling

Juni 18, 2015

Seven Danish institutions within the field of prevention and treatment of pathological gambling receive substantial funds from the Ministry of Health.

FirstAED introduces successful app in Finland

Juni 17, 2015

With funding from The Market Development Fund, the Danish FirstAED app is now ready to be introduced to the international market, starting with Helsinki, Finland.


French executives find inspiration in Danish elder care

Juni 16, 2015

Nursing home executives from all over France visited Denmark to gain insight into the Danish elder care model.

Delegation Visit

Danish discovery might prevent chronic infections

Juni 10, 2015

A Danish PhD student discovers a mechanism in bacteria, which provides new insight into antibiotic resistance.


Steno Diabetes Center joins innovative EU project

Juni 04, 2015

The Danish research center, Steno Diabetes Center, is partnering in a European research project aimed at improving treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Research receives international award

Mai 28, 2015

Morten Elbæk Petersen, CEO of the Danish public eHealth portal,, receives the HIMSS Europe eHealth Leadership Award 2015 presented at eHealth Week in Riga, Latvia.


New hospital construction DGNB certified

Mai 15, 2015

The new hospital construction in Nykøbing Falster has obtained a DGNB pre-certification for sustainable construction.

Healthcare Buildings

Danes among most influential in biotech

Mai 13, 2015

Two Danes are featured on FierceBiotech’s list of the world’s most influential people in biotech.

Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

Denmark most advanced in e-health

Mai 11, 2015

Denmark has the most advanced use of e-health and offers the best market conditions for mobile health business, according to the 2015 edition of the EU Countries’ mHealth App Market Ranking.

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