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Blood sample is better cancer indicator

April 15, 2015

Danish researchers have discovered particles in blood samples, which can prove great indicators for colon cancer.

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Nursing home tests digital platform

April 09, 2015

Residents at a nursing home in Southern Jutland help test a new digital platform, which eases and facilitates daily contact with their family and friends.

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Finland looks into Danish hospital-municipal cooperation

April 08, 2015

Denmark has successfully reduced the number of beds in hospitals by focusing on moving treatment out of the hospital and into citizen’s own home. Interested in the cooperative approach to home treatment and home rehabilitation, a delegation of high-level representatives from Finland was on a three-day visit to Denmark. The visit was arranged by Healthcare DENMARK and FinPro.

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Shorter waiting times for less acute patients

April 08, 2015

In four years, waiting times for less acute patients in the emergency departments has decreased significantly.

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Danish tracking system in international demand

April 06, 2015

A Danish system for tracking medical equipment in hospitals is the sudden object of massive demand from foreign hospitals.

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Shortest waiting times in a decade

März 30, 2015

Waiting times for non-acute operations are the shortest in a decade, according to new numbers.

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Telemedicine for heart patients receives grant

März 26, 2015

A grant from TrygFonden enables a Danish led telemedicine project to kick start development of a new digital platform for patients suffering from heart failure.

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Municipalities won Digitization Awards

März 25, 2015

The Danish municipalities were the overall winners when the Digitization Awards 2015 was awarded on Tuesday, March 24, 2015.

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Successful Danish-French biotech collaboration

März 25, 2015

A research collaboration between Danish biotech company, Gubra, and French pharmaceutical giant, Sanofi, is proving very successful.

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Danish psychiatric research project is world’s largest

März 24, 2015

A Danish research project has been granted a total of €32 million ($35.4 million), making it the world’s largest psychiatric research project.

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