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New Nordic project on intelligent medico purchases

März 24, 2015

A new Nordic collaborative project will broaden the focus from purchase price to total investment costs related to procuring medico devices.

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New fall detector tracks elderly

März 23, 2015

A new fall detection alarm not only alerts if the user has fallen but also tracks the user in case the fall has happened outside the home.

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Mortality in cardiology more than halved

März 21, 2015

In less than 20 years, Denmark has more than halved the mortality for heart related illnesses.

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New checklist for telemedicine

März 19, 2015

A new checklist for telemedicine will help decision-makers decide which solutions to implement.

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TrygFonden grant to disseminate telemedicine

März 18, 2015

Kolding municipality has received a donation from TrygFonden to buy telemedicine equipment for COPD patients.


International Foundation for Integrated Care inspects South Denmark

März 12, 2015

A delegation of key decision makers from the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) visited Odense on a 3-day site inspection. The goal of the visit was to present Odense as a possible host city for the 2017 Integrated Care conference.

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Danish HIV research team receives millions from amfAR

März 09, 2015

An Aarhus University based research team who received praise and accolades in the summer of 2014 for their groundbreaking HIV research has received a major grant from amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research.

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Denmark’s largest fully automated lab soon a reality

März 05, 2015

Denmark’s largest fully automated biochemical lab will soon become a reality.

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Japanese assisted living giant visits Denmark

März 03, 2015

A Japanese delegation from assisted living giant, Social Welfare Corporation ATAGO, visited Denmark to look for inspiration on social policies.

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Lowered mortality due to surgical checklist

März 03, 2015

A new study finds correlation between the use of a surgical checklist and lower hospital mortality.

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