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Telemedicine for heart patients receives grant

März 26, 2015

A grant from TrygFonden enables a Danish led telemedicine project to kick start development of a new digital platform for patients suffering from heart failure.

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Municipalities won Digitization Awards

März 25, 2015

The Danish municipalities were the overall winners when the Digitization Awards 2015 was awarded on Tuesday, March 24, 2015.

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Successful Danish-French biotech collaboration

März 25, 2015

A research collaboration between Danish biotech company, Gubra, and French pharmaceutical giant, Sanofi, is proving very successful.

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Danish psychiatric research project is world’s largest

März 24, 2015

A Danish research project has been granted a total of €32 million ($35.4 million), making it the world’s largest psychiatric research project.

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New Nordic project on intelligent medico purchases

März 24, 2015

A new Nordic collaborative project will broaden the focus from purchase price to total investment costs related to procuring medico devices.

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New fall detector tracks elderly

März 23, 2015

A new fall detection alarm not only alerts if the user has fallen but also tracks the user in case the fall has happened outside the home.

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Mortality in cardiology more than halved

März 21, 2015

In less than 20 years, Denmark has more than halved the mortality for heart related illnesses.

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New checklist for telemedicine

März 19, 2015

A new checklist for telemedicine will help decision-makers decide which solutions to implement.

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TrygFonden grant to disseminate telemedicine

März 18, 2015

Kolding municipality has received a donation from TrygFonden to buy telemedicine equipment for COPD patients.


International Foundation for Integrated Care inspects South Denmark

März 12, 2015

A delegation of key decision makers from the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) visited Odense on a 3-day site inspection. The goal of the visit was to present Odense as a possible host city for the 2017 Integrated Care conference.

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