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Students develop sex ed app

März 03, 2015

A project at the public school in Odder gives a lift to sex education in primary school. The project is funded by the Danish Health and Medicines Authority.

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Denmark is top digital performer in Europe

Februar 24, 2015

Denmark is top digital performer in Europe, according to the new Digital Economy and Society Index, released by the European Commission.

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Increased hospital capacity benefits cancer patients

Februar 24, 2015

The Danish Minister of Health and Danish Regions agree to expand hospital capacity to take on even more cancer patients.

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Danish research team to develop nano-submarine

Februar 23, 2015

Backed by a €1.3 million ($1.5 million) fellowship, a Danish research team is set to develop a method for injecting targeting organelles, which work like nano-submarines in the blood stream to treat cellular enzyme deficiencies.

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Nurse corps reduce excessive medication

Februar 18, 2015

A special nurse corps works closely with nursing homes and home care staff in Aalborg to reduce excessive medication for elderly citizens.

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Dutch press exploring Danish telemedicine

Februar 17, 2015

Denmark and Holland are both leading countries in adopting IT in healthcare. In preparation for the Dutch state visit to Denmark in March, a Dutch press delegation visited Denmark to report on Danish e-health and present best practices. Rounding off the press tour was an interview with HM The Queen Margrethe II.

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Neighboring countries inspired by Danish specialist plan

Februar 17, 2015

The Danish specialist plan, which centralizes medical specialties, has inspired Norway and Sweden who both prepare to introduce their own versions.

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Real-time electronic record in every ambulance

Februar 13, 2015

Throughout 2015, all ambulances in Denmark will be equipped with a new electronic record, which shares patient information and measurements with specialists in hospital real-time.

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Successful Danish telehealth project expands

Februar 10, 2015

The successful telemedicine project, TeleCare Nord, enters its second phase of implementation and doubles the number of patients, while including an additional 3,000 healthcare professionals in the program.

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International top researchers turn to Denmark

Februar 06, 2015

Two international top researchers receive grants and move their renowned research to Denmark.

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