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Sales figures for medicine available online

Januar 31, 2015

A new public website publishes sales figures for pharmacy distributed medicine.

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Selecting hospital art benefits patients

Januar 27, 2015

A newly published research project concludes that patients given the choice to select their own room decoration during a hospital stay experience greater satisfaction with their treatment.

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Nordic contest on assisted living technologies

Januar 27, 2015

The social services and health and care services in Copenhagen join a new Nordic collaboration on assisted living technologies.

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Regions gather all health jobs in new portal

Januar 26, 2015

Danish Regions gathers all available jobs in the healthcare sector on a new job portal.

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Digital infrastructure supports telemedicine

Januar 22, 2015

To support innovative regional telemedicine projects, Region of Southern Denmark and Next Step Citizen establish an infrastructure for telemedicine.

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Interactive delivery room creates custom environment

Januar 21, 2015

A new delivery room at Regional Hospital West Jutland in Herning is interactive and enables women in labor to design their own ideal birthing environment.

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Ambitious patient partnership vision

Januar 21, 2015

Patients in Region Zealand are given more influence on their own treatment courses as part of a new political vision.

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Large scale DNA project reaches milestone

Januar 20, 2015

A project to map Danes’ shared genome reaches an important milestone.

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Basque government looking for strategic collaboration in Denmark

Januar 18, 2015

A delegation of eight government officials from the Basque country visited Denmark on a four day trip to study the Danish social and health policies and to meet and exchange knowledge with significant Danish healthcare actors.

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Danish hospitals improve productivity

Januar 16, 2015

The Danish hospitals become increasingly productive. From 2012 to 2013, they increased their productivity by 3.2 pct.

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