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Improved five-year cancer survival rate

November 28, 2014

New reports show significantly improved five-year cancer survival rates in Denmark.

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Dutch inspired by Danish active healthy ageing

November 28, 2014

In Denmark, the focus in elderly care is to provide the elderly citizens with a meaningful everyday life through dialogue, training, and support. Odense municipality is a frontrunner in employing assistive and care technologies to support the elderly in their daily lives. Now the best practices from the municipality are shared with the Netherlands.

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Copenhagen is the world’s smartest city

November 27, 2014

Copenhagen has won the prestigious World Smart Cities Award for its “Copenhagen Connecting” plan.

Robotic system streamlines lab analyzes

November 25, 2014

A new robotic solution in test at Aalborg University Hospital makes working procedures in hospital labs more efficient and homogenous.

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Selenium can be used to fight cancer

November 24, 2014

According to a new Danish study, selenium can be used to strengthen the immune system to better fight cancerous cells.

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Danish scientists crack antibiotic resistance

November 21, 2014

Danish researchers have discovered a way to combine antibiotics that reduces development of antibiotic resistance.

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Danish life science companies boast women on boards

November 20, 2014

An evaluation of the 21 most well-known Danish life science companies shows that women are well represented in their boards compared to other industries.

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Screens communicate key figures to staff, patients, and relatives

November 18, 2014

Two new information screens at the intensive care unit at Vejle Hospital communicate key figures on the hospital’s internal procedures.

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Heart patients benefit from home rehabilitation

November 14, 2014

Home rehabilitation after heart surgery can be just as effective as physiotherapy at the hospital, a new Danish study shows.

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Japan looks to implement Danish solutions

November 12, 2014

Danish producers of healthcare solutions and technologies are good at translating end users’ needs and wants into effective and useful products. To gain insight into Danish healthcare solutions and their possible applicability to Japanese issues, a Japanese delegation visited Odense.

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