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Denmark in world-elite with new computer

Oktober 21, 2014

A new super computer capable of processing DNA data is being built at the Technical University of Denmark.

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Healthcare DENMARK launches international ambassador corps

Oktober 19, 2014

Healthcare DENMARK establishes an international network of ambassadors for Danish health and care expertise.

Novo Nordisk is world's second best science workplace

Oktober 17, 2014

Danish pharma company, Novo Nordisk, is named the second-best science workplace in the world.

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Over-the-counter drugs might curb depression

Oktober 15, 2014

Non-prescription painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicine might have an anti-depressant effect, Danish research shows.

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Poland looks at new Danish hospitals

Oktober 12, 2014

The Danish healthcare sector is undergoing changes adapting to future needs. Re-designing the hospital structure, building new hospitals and renovating and expanding on existing ones plays a major role and counts as the largest investment in modern time. Now Danish experiences on hospital structure are shared with Poland.

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Native American wisdom benefits Danish HIV patients

Oktober 11, 2014

In a project at Aarhus University Hospital, a Native American helped HIV patients cope with their disease.

World’s first PPP in clinical trials

Oktober 02, 2014

A new Danish public-private partnership will attract more early clinical trials to Denmark. The partnership is the first of its kind in the world.

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Healthcare DENMARK announces Ambassador Summit

Oktober 01, 2014

Healthcare DENMARK establishes a network of international healthcare ambassadors, tasked with sharing knowledge and benchmarking best practices.

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Brazil learns about Danish healthcare IT

September 30, 2014

The Danish healthcare sector is acknowledged for being a frontrunner in employing healthcare IT, and now Danish best practices is presented to delegates from Brazil.

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Denmark leads in e-health

September 25, 2014

Denmark leads in e-health and digitization in the healthcare sector, a new analysis shows.

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