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Danish life science companies boast women on boards

November 20, 2014

An evaluation of the 21 most well-known Danish life science companies shows that women are well represented in their boards compared to other industries.

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Screens communicate key figures to staff, patients, and relatives

November 18, 2014

Two new information screens at the intensive care unit at Vejle Hospital communicate key figures on the hospital’s internal procedures.

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Heart patients benefit from home rehabilitation

November 14, 2014

Home rehabilitation after heart surgery can be just as effective as physiotherapy at the hospital, a new Danish study shows.

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Japan looks to implement Danish solutions

November 12, 2014

Danish producers of healthcare solutions and technologies are good at translating end users’ needs and wants into effective and useful products. To gain insight into Danish healthcare solutions and their possible applicability to Japanese issues, a Japanese delegation visited Odense.

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Danes love their job

November 12, 2014

Three out of four Danes love their job. Job influence and good colleagues is vital for Danes’ job satisfaction.

Patients evaluate hospitals with smileys

November 11, 2014

A simple evaluating system with a happy, green smiley and a sad, red smiley is being tested at two hospitals in North Denmark Region.

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Press delegation from United Daily News Group Taiwan

November 09, 2014

Danish health and care technologies create groundbreaking services for elderly and disabled citizens in their day-to-day lives, helping them maintain an independent lifestyle. One of Taiwan's largest media is visiting Denmark to report on the strongholds within Danish care technology.

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New code of conduct for research integrity

November 06, 2014

To ensure and strengthen high-quality research, integrity must pervade all research phases. Now a national Danish code of conduct is introduced.

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CSC Scandihealth to deliver ambulance IT in Sweden

Oktober 31, 2014

Danish CSC Scandihealth A/S enters agreement with Stockholm County to deliver lifesaving equipment to Stockholm’s ambulances.

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Russians interested in Danish healthcare

Oktober 28, 2014

The Danish healthcare sector is recognized for an integrated use of healthcare IT technologies, comprehensive tele-medical solutions, and an effective emergency management. To gain knowledge and inspiration in these areas, a Russian delegation is these days visiting Denmark and Copenhagen.

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