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Danish breakthrough in blood protein research

Juli 22, 2014

Danish scientists expose an unknown blood protein mechanism significant for blood coagulation.

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Heart patients prefer telemedicine

Juli 21, 2014

A recently published project shows that patients prefer to save the trip to the hospital, if the consultation can take place from home in front of the computer.


Fewer Danes take antidepressants

Juli 21, 2014

New research show that Danes' use of antidepressants have decreased steadily since 2011.

Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

Great expectations to new super scanner

Juli 17, 2014

A new super scanner is these days being installed on the MR Center at Aarhus University Hospital.

Medical Devices

Medico industry to lift PP collaborations

Juli 15, 2014

The medico industry have launched a report with 20 suggestions to further lift their collaboration with the healthcare sector.

Service & Operational Solutions

Mapping of bacteria might supersede antibiotics

Juli 08, 2014

Danish scientists have mapped 500 previously unknown microorganisms and more than 800 bacterial strains from human intestinal flora. The hope is that knowledge of bacteria strains will help supersede antibiotics.

Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

New smartphone app detects stress

Juli 04, 2014

A new app offers an easy and cheap do-it-yourself stress test using salivary cortisol.


Official partner to Medizin Innovativ

Juli 02, 2014

Healthcare DENMARK joins MedTech Pharma as partner to this year’s Medizin Innovativ Congress.

Hospital at Home receives grant

Juni 27, 2014

The Velux Foundation have granted €308,000 ($350,000) to the geriatric project Hospital at Home. The project is part of the assisted living technological research project, Patient@home.

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Coloplast has world’s best reputation

Juni 26, 2014

Coloplast has the best worldwide patient reputation among 28 leading medico companies.

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