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Strengthening public-private partnerships in research

Mai 22, 2014

The Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, and the Danish Regions have launched an action plan focusing on strengthening public-private partnerships in clinical research.

Private sector gains the most from PPPs

Mai 21, 2014

A report evaluating the experiences from eight Public-Private Innovation Partnerships concludes that the private partners gain the most, at least in the short term.

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New coordinating body for registry research

Mai 21, 2014

The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science have appointed a new coordinating body for registry research. The Danish registry research is further strengthened with a grant and a new secretariat.

New center for AL technology

Mai 21, 2014

A new center in Region of Southern Denmark will improve and make it more efficient to develop new assisted living (AL) technologies.

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Taiwanese TV journalists visit Denmark

Mai 20, 2014

Keen to report on how technology is used to streamline the Danish healthcare system, two Taiwanese television journalists are visiting Denmark on April 20-21.

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Barometer to strengthen innovation

Mai 20, 2014

A barometer measuring the degree of innovation in public workplaces is, along with a network for politicians, part of a new action plan from Center for Public Innovation.

Small chip saves hospital millions

Mai 15, 2014

What started as a trial project to keep track of expensive medicine using a small chip but has since turned in to a significant economic gain for Herlev Hospital.

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3D printed prostheses now a reality

Mai 15, 2014

Two Danish women have received 3D printed leg prosthesis. Their prostheses are complete reproductions of their existing leg.

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Royal visit to Poland

Mai 12, 2014

Over the next three days, Healthcare DENMARK is visiting Poland with the Royal Danish Crown Prince Couple, three ministers, and a large business delegation.

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Business adventure in elder care awaits

Mai 12, 2014

New technologies and social entrepreneurs can help turn the high old age dependency ratio into an attractive business adventure.

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