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Turkish President visits Denmark

März 17, 2014

President Gül of Turkey is heading a business delegation of 100 key stakeholders within health, food, and energy to Denmark before visiting with the Danish Prime Minister and the Royal Danish Court.

Delegation Visit

Nomura Research Institute interested in e-health

März 17, 2014

Danish e-health is attracting attention all the way from Japan. Two delegates from Nomura Research Institute, who works closely with the Japanese government, are these days visiting Copenhagen and Aarhus.

E-Health Delegation Visit

German interest in Danish health IT

März 16, 2014

A German delegation of several public organizations and private companies visits Denmark to gain insight into how health IT has helped curb health expenditures, raise patient satisfaction, and keeping admissions down.

E-Health Delegation Visit

Denmark ranks second as EU innovation leader

März 11, 2014

Today, Denmark was ranked second on the Innovation Union Scoreboard 2014 published by the European Commission.

Bright EU prognosis for Danish economy

März 10, 2014

2014 could be the year when Danish economy reaches turning point, predicts a new report by the EU Commission.

Triple-A rating for Danish economy

März 06, 2014

Denmark once againg secures a triple-A rating from international Fitch, giving a stable outlook for Danish economy.

National hospital couples with start-ups

März 06, 2014

A new entrepreneur and innovation initiative gives small Danish life science companies a unique opportunity to get a foothold at Rigshospitalet, Denmark's second largest hospital.

Medical Devices Service & Operational Solutions

International delegation from Linde

März 03, 2014

What are the best practises for e-health in home care? This is the theme for Linde Healthcare's delegation to Odense and Aarhus today and tomorrow where Healthcare DENMARK has tailored a program with more than a dozen key actors in the field.

E-Health Service & Operational Solutions Delegation Visit

World’s first app for pregnant diabetics

Februar 18, 2014

A Danish female diabetic has initiated the world’s first app for pregnant diabetics, securing easy access to updated research-based knowledge.


Greece looking to control costs

November 01, 2013

Looking for inspiration on how to control public health expeditures, the Greek Minister of Health is meeting with the Danish Minister of Health and key persons from both private and public health and economic organizations.

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