International recognition of Danish Digital Health Strategy

Oktober 24, 2018
The Danish Digital Health Strategy 2018-2022 receives international recognition and is referred to as a flawless strategy with a clear vision.

The team behind the Medical Futurist has investigated and assessed a number of national digital health strategies around the world including the Danish Digital Health Strategy.

Denmark has one of the most advanced digital health systems alongside an elaborated and concise national digital health strategy 2018-2022. The strategy emphasizes the importance of the cooperation of each and every healthcare actor through the easiest and fastest way, technology, with a clear purpose: to build an integrated network focusing on patients and looking at the person as a whole, not just at the individual diagnosis.

According to the elaborating article by the Medical Futurist Team, they “could not find a single flaw in the strategy! We are enthusiastic about the clear vision and well-thought-out steps of the Danish government, which holds up an excellent example of how policy-makers should approach digital health.”

Read the article here.

Read the Danish Digital Health Strategy 2018-2022 here.

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