Merger strengthens the efforts to attract clinical trials to Denmark

Dezember 06, 2018
The two initiatives NEXT and Clinical Trials Office Denmark have been merged into one unit with the purpose to further strengthen and promote clinical research in Denmark.

The new unit, which has been established based on the merger of NEXT and Clinical Trials Office Denmark, is called Trial Nation. The merger comes as a result of the Government's Growth Plan for Life Science, which aims to further increase the efforts to promote clinical research. Both initiatives have had the main task to attract more clinical trials to Denmark but within different focus areas. Clinical Trials Office Denmark has been a formal national collaboration between the five Danish regions with focus on both medtech and pharmaceuticals, whereas NEXT is a public-private partnership with focus on pharmaceuticals and biotech only.

The merger unites the forces and competences that both initiatives have gained over the years. It will also make it easier for foreign companies to find information and help to do clinical trials in Denmark.

With the establishment of Trial Nation, the Danish healthcare system gets far better opportunities to conduct innovative and valuable research. This will benefit both Danish patients who will quickly gain access to new and groundbreaking medicine as well as the social economy, because more research generates more jobs and growth.

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