Healthcare DENMARK expands and establishes a life science office

Dezember 10, 2018
As part of the targeted internationalization efforts outlined in the new life science growth plan, the Danish government further strengthens Healthcare DENMARK’s efforts to promote the Danish life science industry. As a result, Healthcare DENMARK expands and establishes a branch office.

In a strong public-private partnership, the Danish government strengthens Healthcare DENMARK's efforts to promote Denmark as a leading life science nation in Europe with a grant of DKK 3 million in 2018 and DKK 2 million annually in the period 2019-2021.

Healthcare DENMARK therefore expands and establishes a new branch office in Copenhagen as a supplement to the headquarters in Odense. The office in Copenhagen will focus on raising awareness of Danish life science solutions by creating a comprehensive narrative about the life sciences in Denmark.

The office in Copenhagen will be officially inaugurated tomorrow at a reception at Industriens Hus.

Healthcare DENMARK has a national and political mandate to promote Danish healthcare excellence. Backing this initiative is a partner group of both public and private key actors within Danish healthcare, including the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, and the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs.

“Life Science is a significant Danish strength with great importance to the Danish economy. Therefore, it is important that we have a comprehensive narrative about the life sciences in Denmark - for the benefit of exports and investments in Denmark. The strong public-private collaboration behind Healthcare DENMARK contributes to the promotion of this narrative. The rest of the world must also know about the life science companies in Denmark and the Danish framework for research, development and growth.” - Rasmus Jarlov, Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs.

”Denmark’s position as a leading life science nation is something we are proud of, and in the government we want to support the sector to become even stronger. A strong Danish life science sector is equivalent to thousands of jobs, growth and, in particular, safe medicines for the patients. Therefore, I am happy about the collaboration with Healthcare DENMARK, which can help to ensure an even better international promotion of Danish life sciences for the benefit of the industry and the patients.” - Ellen Trane Nørby, Minister for Health.

”Made in Denmark is a strong brand within the field of Life Sciences. With Healthcare DENMARK's promotion of the entire industry through an overall narrative, we will have an even stronger starting point to increase Danish exports and to attract foreign investment.” - Anders Samuelsen, Minister for Foreign Affairs.