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3PART designs industrial products and solutions for the Danish and global markets, from industrial components to assistive technology and lifestyle products. We design for the sole purpose of transforming visions into a better utility value for the end user and increased earning potential for the customer.

Products and solutions


Since its founding in 1998, 3PART has developed product and service offerings across a range of industries, with particular expertise in products and services in the energy, medical, lifestyle, and public sectors. We call ourselves 3PART because our greatest strength is to act as the 3rd part: the connection between companies and the people who buy and use their products and services. This close collaboration has enabled over 95% of our solutions to become realized successfully. Learn more ›

Case stories

cheetah 3part.jpg

R82 Cheetah

In collaboration with R82, 3PART designteam designed a brand new evolutive
wheelchair. The entire process was really user-centered and was completed
with the help of occupational therapist, physiotherapist and end-users. Cheetah
is a flexible wheel chair that grows with the child. It evolves in both length or
width and it can be mounted on 3 or 4 wheels. Cheetah has been awarded with
several international design awards such as “Den Danske Designpris in the
category “personal use”. Learn more ›


CALAJECT - Red Dot award winner 2014

RØNVIG Dental's CALAJECT, which stands for computer assisted local analgesia, is stylish and aesthetic. It is characterized by quality and exclusivity, both in styling and materials. The new and contemporary user interface with simple graphics makes it easy for dentists to interact with the product. The CALAJECT is cost-effective in use and no additional costs for added consumables are necessary – only the usual cartridges and needles. CALAJECT is distributed to dentists worldwide. Learn more ›

stingrey copy.jpg

Stingray buggy

With an idiom which, instead of signaling the disability and limitations, cultivates a playful, organic high-tech look with full speed, the child is not stigmatized in the public domain. A frame made of carbon fiber makes the buggy extremely easy and manageable. This feature has contributed to Stingray being, in less than 2 years, R82's best-selling product. The buggy is used by families, institutions and day care centers in countries all over the world. Learn more ›

raizer liftup.jpg

Raizer® by Liftup

In cooperation with Liftup 3PART has designed Raizer, a mechanical mobile lift chair that can help a person laying up to almost standing position in a few minutes. Raizer is designed so that it can be operated by only one helper without physical effort from this besides a supportive hand. Sales have exceeded expectations with more than 100% Learn more ›


Viktor & Viktoria

The bicycles design makes it easy to navigate because the visual overview is improved and because the bike follows the body's natural movement pattern.
The products have become the mainstay of Jørn Iversen’s business. The design and construction, makes them easier to navigate. The bikes won the Cure and Care product of the year award and was exhibited in the London Design Museum.
The series is currently sold in 10 different countries. The Viktor tricycle also won the iF design award in 2001 whilst in 2003, Viki was honoured with the award for the best assistive tool. Learn more ›

pressalit 3part.jpg

The nursing bench

After the launch of the nursing bench from Pressalit Care the company both increased the selling price and sold more units than before. The nursing bench is implemented in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, day care centers, and private homes worldwide. Learn more ›

nordic neurostim 3part.jpg


For the Neurostim company 3PART designed Incedo - a therapeutic aid in
training hemiplegic stroke patients to walk again. Electrical impulses trigger
the brain to activate certain muscles. With help from a therapist the patient
recovers the ability to walk.
Learn more ›

pressalit kitchen 3part.jpg

Pressalit Kitchen

Pressalit Care’s kitchen concept for institutions (such as hospitals and care
centers) is based on an international analysis of the needs of users with
reduced mobility. 3PART conducted research, carried out user-observations,
worked on the design concept as well as product development, right up to the
prototype stage.
Over 20 improvements. More than half could be resolved without having
to increase product costs compared to competing solutions. Learn more ›

rhinix 3part.jpg


For Rhinix 3PART designed the nasal filter that is designed to reduce the
symptoms of pollen allergy significantly. The nasal filter is inserted into the
nostrils with a small, almost invisible, crossbar, and the two small membranes in
each nostril now filters all the allergenic pollen particles before they reach the
nasal mucosa.
The nasal filter that is both easy to insert and comfortable to wear, has been
clinically tested. It is effective in reducing sneezing, runny nose, itchy nose and
throat and can be used both indoors and out - whether the user is active or
relaxing. Learn more ›

interacoustics 3part.jpg


With the launch of the AS608 audiometer, Interacoustics have once again
shown themselves as the leading provider of audiological solutions for
professional users. 3PART, with the involvement of users, developed a design that responds to the professional audiologist and the person being tested. The ambition of the design was to achieve a vague yet professional look. Learn more ›


Simon Skafdrup


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