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Employer costs related to unhealthy employees have reached $1.1 trillion in the UK and US, and is growing annually by 6.5%. Healthcare costs are projected to surpass wages by 2033.

More than 75% of healthcare costs are spent on treatment, even though it is a proven fact that acting proactive and thus preventing illness is far more efficient for all stakeholders.

At 7peaks we have combined technology, gamification and health science to launch a scaleable mhealth platform that reduces healthcare costs by producing healthy change of behavior among employees.

7peaks enables businesses and employees to peak - 7 days a week.

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The 7peaks Lifeskills Manager

The 7peaks platform engages 80% of our customers employees in healthy change of behavior. Our interventions runs over a period of 8-12 weeks with daily monitoring and engagement. The results are outstanding as we typically lower absenteeism by up to 30%, increase job satisfaction by 40% and the over all wellbeing among employees by up to 60%. Learn more ›

Case stories

Please visit our website for more case stories on how we have prevented life style diseases among more than 100,000 employees

Nestlé Nordic Challenge

Nestlé employees from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland achieved healthier habits and a better work-life balance.

Nestlé is an experienced company when it comes to digital health campaigns, and therefore took this campaign a step further and focused on several work-life balance and mental parameters than what you see in the usual health initiatives.

The campaign hit the spot. Particularly the results in improving sleep patterns and better work-life balance aroused great enthusiasm, and the close cooperation between Nestlé and 7Peaks is now documented in big data, as healthy results and in scientific studies regarding strategic health management. Learn more ›


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