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Appinux A/S

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What we offer

Appinux is a social and health care collaboration solution build upon years of experience with medicine and health oriented projects together with hospitals, municipals and government institutions in Denmark.

Products and solutions

Appinux Platform

Appinux platform is a highly flexible platform, with the possibility of use for both clinicians, citizens and relatives. The solution can be used on any platform such as Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android.

Appinux platform is a dynamic and an efficient platform – for Appinux this means on-the-fly enabling and disabling modules, creation of own fields and forms data and export to open formats.

Appinux platform will ensure a successful organizational implementation, therefore an IT platform needs to be simple, intuitive and straight forward. Appinux is designed as a modern web 2.0 application with manageable modules.

Appinux platform provide open data. Appinux is providing ample access for external applications and integrations. Learn more ›

Case stories

Municipality Kolding

Kolding Municipality uses Appinux in many departments and projects. Among others COPD, Health Center, Home Support and Fast track – early discharged . Appinux platform has contributed to efficiency in several areas.


Psychiatry is just one of the areas where the Central Denmark Region and Appinux have a cooperation for the development of a supporting IT platform. Appinux has brought innovation and new ideas to the project


Horsens at the forefront is a cross-sectoral cooperation between the many stakeholders from the Central Denmark Region and Horsens municipality to Falck and the Danish pharmacy. Appinux is the platform that ties it all together.


Michael Ellegaard Nielsen

Appinux A/S

Borupvang 2C
2650 Ballerup

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