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Arcubal sells equipment for rehabilitation and training. Our goal is to make training fun and motivating for the users. We want the users of our products to feel challenged no matter at what physical level there are. At the same time we want to turn training into a fun game, so the users forget that they are in a training situation.

Products and solutions

FitLight Trainer

FitLight Trainer is an audiovisual training system, which is designed to meet numerous different training situations. With FitLight it is possible to train the users strength, coordination, reaction and cognitive abilities. The system makes training fun and motivates the user to push themselves within their personal limits. Therefore the system is highly relevant within rehabilitation. Learn more ›

Spiro by Lei

Spiros weight and heat has a calming and comforting effect. It will help you focus on your breathing so it will be deep and slow. With Spiro you can improve your breathing and lung capacity. This will make it easier for you to cough and shorten the course of disease Learn more ›

Case stories


At Vikærgården they have used FitLight Trainer for rehabilitation with great success for several years. FitLight is very versatile and Vikærgården uses the system both for individual training and training in teams. FitLight makes the training in teams more fun and creates a healthy competition amongst the participants. During the individual training sessions FitLight Trainer makes it possible for the therapist to observe the progress in the training. At the same time it is possible for the user(s) to do the training on his/their own after the therapist has started the program. Therefore therapist can be more efficient.


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