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We are a team of geneticists and avid technologists who believe in a future in which individuals have democratised access to their unique genetic information. We believe in citizen empowerment, and thus strive to work hard everyday so that you can gain an insight into your body's inner secrets and unlock your full potential. We are dedicated to granting access to your unique fitness and nutritional-related genetic information.

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Athgene DNA test

The AthGene Plus Subscription for 249 kr./month (6 month binding) allows you access to ongoing new information about your Genetics. You're not limited to the current categories as we keep developing new ones.

Receive the AtGene Test Kit
4 Category Starter Pack
One New (Point) Category every week
Access to the AthGene Dashboard
Points are the currency for AthGene Plus. Every point can "unlock" one new category so you can have complete freedom on what you want to use your points for. You can even safe your points for future categories.

With the dashboard and the result in hand, you will see your score in each category and clear explanation, what exactly your result means and how you can utilize the findings and implement it in your daily routine. Learn more ›

Case stories

How it works

Discover exactly how your unique body works by unlocking lots of detailed explanations of your body's natural abilities.

One mouth swab is all that is needed of you. We will handle the rest.


Adrian Fernandez


Kigkur 6
2000 Copenhagen

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