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Healthcare Buildings
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What we offer

We deliver independent consultancy, design and project management within all common engineering disciplines such as electricity, plumbing, it & communication and automation. Our expertise includes innovative, sustainable and profitable solutions within hospital planning, energy optimization, intelligent building automatics, energy supply, safety and transport installations and corrosion protection.

Products and solutions

Sustainable hospital design

Balslev has long, vast experience in consulting and project engineering for hospitals - from overall planning and client advice to design, engineering services and supervision. No matter whether the assignment concerns new construction or retrofit, we place great emphasis on the solution being created in close co-operation with the customers. And we ensure that all requirements are met with cost-effective solutions, and take into consideration a number of crucial aspects such as:

- Sustainability and flexibility
- Hygiene, safety and working environment
- Energy efficiency
- Intelligent solutions
- Aesthetics & functionality
- Delivery on time and within budget.

Our services include all electrical and mechanical installations:

- Power supply and lighting
- High voltage installations
- Heating, ventilation, steam and cooling systems
- Water supply, sanitation, water treatment and drainage systems  
- Lifts and transportation systems for beds, linen etc.
- Communication & data systems for personnel & patients
- Systems for building management, fire protection, access and security control
- Backup power supply systems: Generator & UPS Learn more ›

Risk analyses and energy optimisation

Risk analyses, operational optimisation plus energy analysis, planning and energy optimisation are other of Balslev's expertise areas, where our customers have achieved substantial gains. Learn more ›


Balslev offers a range of competencies and services for laboratories in the health, education and research sectors. Balslev has conducted projects related to laboratory facilities for many decades and provides a number of competencies, depending on requirements. We place emphasis on finding the optimum solution for design and installations in co-operation with clients, end users and architects. We also offer services associated with indoor climate and working climate. Our expertise includes e.g layout of special laboratories such as:

• Clean-room laboratories class A/B

• Isotope and cytostatic agent laboratories

• Validation and special installations are also an integral part of our services. Learn more ›

Case stories

Copenhagen University Hospital saves energy

Copenhagen University Hospital has worked determinedly with energy optimisation since the early 90s. Together with Balslev's consultants an energy action plan was developed, which included ventilation and air conditioning, heating, cooling, disinfection, control systems, systems for compressed air and lighting. The plan identified a number of saving opportunities, which made it possible to implement the plan as it was self-financing and showed a positive cash-flow already within the first year. Copenhagen University Hospital's energy consumption has been reduced by 35%. A self-financing energy action plan including new or modified steam, cooling and ventilation systems saves approx. DKK 30 mill. per year.

Herlev Hospital consulting services

For many years Balslev has provided customer oriented consulting services to Herlev Hospital, one of Denmark's leading hospitals. Balslev has carried out numerous and versatile projects for Herlev Hospital. Examples include design and specification of buildings and installations the following facilities:
- Heat recovery from exhaust ventilation plus a new concept for separate heating and ventilation
- Laboratories
- Operating theatres  Reception of acute patients
- Blood banks
- Facilities for dialysis treatment
- Out-patient clinicsOnchology day clinic
- Gastroenteriological ambulatorium and facilities for the scopi unit
- Rooms fitted for scanner use
- Cyclotron
- Accelerator rooms etc.

In connection with our many assignments we have also designed support functions for these facilities, such as offices, kitchens, wards, sluice rooms, medicine rooms etc. Balslev's indepth knowledge of the hospital's technical installations and its requirements for up-to-date, well functioning buildings and equipment was paramount for the succesful implementation of these projects. 

Hybrid room at The State University Hospital in Copenhagen

The hybrid room, which welcomed the first patient in May 2013, is the result of a good project, where a committed user group and good co-operation partners have contributed actively. Throughout the past years, we have witnessed a great development in the treatment of patients with cardio-vascular diseases, e.g. diseases in the coronary artery and/or cardiac valve disorders, where the patient is treated via a catheterization in the artery or vein.

The development is expected to proceed, and the ideal room for these procedures is the so-called hybrid room, where several procedures can be performed in the same process, and where a room with advanced CT-scanning is combined with an operating room. In short, the hybrid room ensures a faster as well as gentler treatment of the patient.

Balslev’s contribution comprised part of the projecting of the advanced installations of respectively electricity, HWS (heating, water and sanitation) as well as the coordination with the suppliers of the medical equipment (Siemens) and ergonomic lighting (Cromaviso). 


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Balslev Consulting Engineers A/S

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