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What we offer

Copenhagen Living Lab offers services in innovation consulting, presentations and inspirational trips. Copenhagen Living Lab works to ensure that all projects must achieve the following three points: increased welfare for the individual citizen, economic growth in private companies, and reduce public costs and resources.

Products and solutions

Copenhagen Living Lab offers consulting in innovation that contributes to increased welfare in the public sector and increased growth in private companies. The counseling is implemented in a strategic and operational level. The customers are clients who demand management of innovationprocesses in order to optimize quality, performance and business. Copenhagen Living Lab can both design the process of the project and manage all phases, workpackages and workshops. We use ethnographic methodology to identify and qualify potential for innovation within children and youth, the elderly sector, construction and architecture, public procurement, health, innovation strategy and service design. Learn more ›

Copenhagen Living Lab arranges study- and inspirational trips for both public and private organisations. The traditional Danish welfare society faces big challenges the next couple of years. The population continues to increase and there are more demands toward the quality of the welfare whilst the public sector is expected to work more efficiently for less money. In order to handle these challenges we have to rethink and innovate both the structure and the performance of our welfare society. Seeking inspiration outside of Denmark can contribute positively to such a process of change. Learn more ›

Welfare effect by increasing the quality of life and health of people who are bed sores endangered because of prolonged bedridden state by preventing the development of pressure ulcers. While improving the working environment for nurses, who perform tasks related to the prevention of pressure ulcers, such as turning patients by reducing the need and make patients more self-reliant.Socio-economic impact by reducing public costs for the treatment of pressure ulcers by reducing their incidence as well as reduce public expenditure on the prevention of pressure ulcers by reducing the time nurses spend inspect and return patients.Commercial impact on the companies involved through national and international marketing of a new mattress solution. Learn more ›

Case stories



The objective of the InMente project is to develop a new product-service system that can help people with incipient to moderate dementia – primarily over 65 years – to deal with their everyday life for as long as possible. The solution is an IT-supported concept that continuously can be adapted and developed as the disease progresses. For example helping with “where am I going?”, “who am I going to meet?”, medication dosage, cooking assistance and other practical chores in the home. The concept will be based in Denmark but in the longer run the concept should be implemented in all Scandinavian countries.



Many elderly people experience a lot of challenges and difficulties moving around. This is due to physical limitations, loss of overview and sense of direction. These factors can lead to fear and isolation that eventually can result in a worsened health. The objective of the project is to create a technological service that can help elderly people move around in public spaces so their mobility can be maintained for as long as possible. COM’ON will enhance older adults’ sense of self-efficiency through: 1. Confidence and autonomy 2. Competence 3. Security and safety 4. Connecting COM’ON is a European project with partners from Finland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain and Denmark.

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INHP Copenhagen Living Lab

INHP Copenhagen Living Lab is project manager on INHP (Innovative Nordic Health related Public Procurement). The project aims to put innovative public procurements on the agenda in the area of health. Competence is essential when it comes to innovation procurement, and the project is addressing this challenge. The project will develop a training program for innovative procurement within health in close cooperation with academics at universities in the Nordic region. The training program provides insights in the process of public procurement including the legal, management and financial points from both the public and the private organisations’ perspective. The training program is targeted universities’ MBA and MPA programs as well as shorter certifies courses. The INHP project will also contain networks and dialogues between procurers and suppliers where procurers can formulate needs and thus stimulate to new markets where the suppliers can cooperate to meet the public demand, enter into consortiums and thereby develop new solutions.


Thomas Hammer-Jakobsen

Copenhagen Living Lab

Torveporten 2, 4.
2500 Valby

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