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The second best light on earth! Based on the latest research and knowledge of light's biological and physiological effects we are creating better working conditions, higher productivity and better health conditions for our users. Together with our customers we strive to predict the unpredictable and together we implement visionary concepts in unique custom-developed software and hardware solutions. A full color spectrum of light based on the most current LED technologies makes it possible for us to simulate the sun's natural progression of color and intensity during the day. Thereby regulating and improving the user’s activity patterns and sleep patterns.

Products and solutions

Full Dynamic Circadian Lighting

Full Dynamic Circadian Lighting is custom-designed for the healthcare sector, with input from a broad cooperation of users and researchers in the field. The concept is based on the purpose, of creating healthier light in nursing homes and the healthcare sector. In cooperation with users, circadian- and sleep specialists have developed a concept that stabilizes the human biological clock. Full Dynamic Circadian Light uses all the colors in the color spectrum by combining RGBAWWCW LED diodes (Red, Green, Blue, warm White, cold White and Amber). We are specialized in circadian- and tunable white lighting solutions. Learn more ›

PULS - The circadian bedside lamp

The PULS fixture has a unique functionality and can be set on circadian light for stimulating patients circadian rhythm, on venflon-light or inspection-light for hospital staff or on special customized scenarios requested by the patients or the staff.
The product has international potential with wide application and many possibilities. Learn more ›

Case stories

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Marienlund Plejecenter in Silkeborg

Marienlund Care Center Silkeborg

In the Municipality of Silkeborg, we started construction of Full Dynamic Circadian Lighting in 120 assisted living facilities and associated common- and staff areas. The project is the largest nordic care center with circadian lighting and is based on an innovative pilot project in cooperation with Silkeborg Municipality and similar innovative companies in the field.
The pilot project consisted of the construction of the "Future care-home" where several companies showed off their solutions. Circadian Lighting was a part of the project with a light protocol stimulating the circadian rhythm, light for work-specific scenarios and emergency light with call function. Learn more ›


Claus Skals Søgaard


Vrøndingvej 7
8700 Horsens

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