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MEDEI ApS is a health IT company from Northern Jutland, Denmark. At MEDEI we have a rooted passion for healthcare software and believe that the healthcare industry deserves better software solutions. We have contributed to our mission of improving health through the development of SMART-TRIAL, a web-based data collection tool used in various settings such as clinical research, MedTech R&D, Patient Satisfaction Surveys, etc. We believe that our unique team of diversified individuals enables us to create simple solutions in a complex industry.

Products and solutions


SMART-TRIAL is an intelligent data management solution for better medical devices. It is a single platform for all activities. Designed to collect and manage data throughout the medical device product lifecycle. From verification & validation to clinical studies and post-market surveillance.

With SMART-TRIAL you can save up to 200 days a year on data management, eliminate errors and faulty results and get the overview you need for all your projects. Collaborate globally with 15 different languages and live stats.
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Case stories

Documentation of a healthcare tablet application

GFR (2014) Documentation of a healthcare tablet application

Idéklinikken is part of Aalborg Hospital, helping staff and patients put their ideas into action. Among other things, Idéklinikken is offering help in the process of how an idea becomes reality.
IdéKlinikken were working on a tablet application supposed to combine manual processes, and improve efficiency, related to a GFR analysis done at the hospital.
Idéklinikken needed to document the software, to fulfill applicable law on medical device software.
MEDEI made a re-design and documented the solution in coherence with the ISO/IEC62304 standard. The documentation shaped the foundation for the continued development work. Learn more ›

ideklinikken 2.png

Minalgo (2013-2014)

MEDEI designed, and developed a cross-platform application which implemented a complex decision support algorithm to be used for anticoagulant treatments for Idéklinikken & Region Nordjylland.
The project required detailed understanding of the treatment process itself in order to translate the complex algorithm from equations into software code, which could allow for usage of the algorithm in a prospective, or real life, scenario.
The project required MEDEI to utilize knowledge within biomedical engineering, computer science, clinical decision support, and clinical experience, in order to deliver a desirable solution. Learn more ›


TeleCareLink (2013)

Project made for KMD. KMD needed a platform to be used by both healthcare professionals and patients, to communicate with one another, and review physiological measurements done by patients at home.
MEDEI designed, and developed a cross-platform application to be used in a telemedicine project named TeleCareLink. The application was implemented with KMD and tested in different municipalities in Copenhagen.
MEDEI created a solution, which could visualize data generated and acquired from two different partners, utilizing both HL7 standards and MEDCOM’s chronic-dataset. Learn more ›


LINAK bed control application (2013-2014)

LINAK needed a proof of concept application for LINAK’s OpenBus™ system in a hospital bed setting.
MEDEI created an application that enables users to wirelessly adjust 8 different movement functions in a hospital bed while also being able to read and visualize data from 5 external bed sensors; an out of bed sensor, a bedrail sensor, a catheter bag weight sensor, a bed weight scale, and a wet sensor. Learn more ›


VitalGoSystems (2015)

While VitalGoSytems is developing an innovative hospital bed with multiple novel functionalities, the control interface of the bed was old fashioned. As VitalGo focuses on progress, they wanted the controls to match the product and thereby offer an application interface to its customers.
MEDEI is currently developing a first of its kind Android tablet application for controlling a hospital bed. In addition to fulfilling the ISO/IEC 62304 standard, MEDEI designs the interface and handles all communication with the users. The solution is estimated to be launched late 2015. Learn more ›


Pressalit application (2014)

Pressalit were looking for an innovative control interface to their “Intelligent Bathroom” project.
MEDEI assisted Pressalit in designing and developing a tablet based application, which allowed users to control different bathroom accessories wirelessly. The application enabled users to adjust the height of a toilet, sink and a shower-chair. Furthermore, day-to-day users could store their own favorable position for each unit, ensuring comfortable and ergonomic usage of the bathroom. Learn more ›


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