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Mobile Fitness A/S

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What we offer

The main idea of Mobile Fitness is that new electronic media can be used to assist users in obtaining and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Mobile Fitness develops health promotion via digital media, based on leading-edge research and scientific documentation and has several research projects that test and prove the effect using digital media.

Products and solutions

Mobile Fitness is constantly tested and further developed in cooperation with a number of Danish municipalities and businesses. The stated mission is to scientifically document the effects of Mobile Fitness' digital health programs. The platform is deployed in more than 40 municipalities and 35 companies both in Denmark and Scandinavia.See our website for multiple case stories by following the link below: Learn more ›

Mobile Fitness “Life” - is a digital health care program and an effective tool for those who want to lose weight, maintain your weight, get in better shape, get more energy, quit smoking or simply live a healthier life. Follow the link below to learn more about the programme: Learn more ›

Patient Support Programs – Mobile Fitness have developed unique digital patient support programs for young people with diabetes in the transition phase, diabetes 1 & 2, multiple sclerosis, chronic patients, rehabilitation program, quit smoking, alcohol, etc. The programs are developed in collaboration with research, doctors, commercial and municipal partners. Learn more ›

Case stories

Go to our website to see multiple case stories from the segments: Companies, Municipalities, Patient support, Education and Partnerships.Link: http://bit.ly/XtkSSI


Jakob Teilmann

Mobile Fitness A/S

Strandboulevarden 151, 2. sal
2100 Copenhagen Ø

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