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Triagonal is a multidisciplinary, strategic design consultancy, providing high level analysis and planning of wayfinding in hospitals. We serve hospital facility management, logistics, communications, architects and construction with a range of wayfinding consulting services. From evaluation to implementation we provide customers with user centric solutions that improve operations, work flows and the patient journey.

Products and solutions

Wayfinding Evaluation

How do you receive your users?
This task includes an evaluation of the information elements at your site, how they relate to the building, your brand, the signals and values being conveyed. The results are compiled in a report outlining way finding challenges and recommendations for wayfinding improvements at your site. Learn more ›

User Study

Know your users.
A study is made of your users’ behaviour and an evaluation of their experience at your site.
From the study, recommendations on how to improve and redesign the user touch points of your service, are made. User studies can also be used for evaluating and benchmarking various wayfinding solutions.
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Technological Potential

Explore new solutions.
Given a specific issue, we undertake an examination of your target market for new and existing technologies.
Results are compiled in an idea catalogue illustrating technologies that can be applied to improve your service. Learn more ›

Strategy & Systematics

Creating a welcoming language.
In line with your strategy, we create a clear, simple, and consistent visual language that welcomes and guides your users, while representing your brand and complimenting the architectural surroundings.
This site-specific wayfinding strategy includes naming, systematics, graphic design principles, readability and identification information.
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Flow Optimisation

Make the most of your building.
To give your users the best experience, Triagonal will look into the flow of people and information in a given location.
Based on an existing wayfinding strategy, a number of options are delivered on how to simplify wayfinding, optimise space utilisation and direct flows.
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Information Positioning

The provision of consistent information.
To ensure that the right information is always available when and where the user needs it, Triagonal will define the positions and content for all signage, signage schedules and plans.
Ongoing coordination with all relevant stakeholders ensures a balance in information amounts, clarity and costs.
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Detailed Design & Tender

The safe way to implementation.
Detailed industrial and graphic design for any information element, including static, dynamic and interactive signage is delivered to your requirements.
Technical specifications for tendering are included. We offer evaluation of tenders, supervision of production and installation, if required.
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Case stories

Hvidovre Hospital Gastro 3 Pager Handout
Wayfinding & Information Design

Hvidovre Hospital Overall Way Finding Systematics

In preparation for a large extension of Hvidovre Hospital, Triagonal has developed a wayfinding model and an information concept based on a reduced number of clearly marked reception points and simple colour coding. As patients and relatives tend to be tense when arriving, focus was on personal service, simplicity and clarity of information both online, in print, in calls and in the complex architecture of the hospital. Learn more ›


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