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Vejle Hospital is a public hospital with over 20.000 patients every year. The hospital has several times been rewarded as leading within new treatment methods and electronic patient records.

Case stories

Automatic Biobank 2

Automatic biobank for blood samples

To store blood samples safely and for an extended period of time, you need temperatures as low as minus 80 degrees. But that makes it difficult for hospital staff to sort the blood samples, since it is not possible to work in such low temperatures for more than 15 minutes. RoboTool, Frigortek Cooling Systems and Vejle Hospital have together created a solution to the problem: An automatic biobank which is a large freezer facility that can store blood samples at temperatures down to minus 80 degrees, supplemented with a robot solution to carry the blood samples from the ante-room into the biobank and sort them at the same time. The anteroom is only minus 5 degrees and hereby a better place for the staff to work.
The solution makes it possible to save many man-hours for moving samples in and out the smaller freezers currently used at hospitals. The biobank also automatically monitors stock and traceability and it is fitted with an alarm system and maximum backup.
A business case estimates that over a period of 30 years the hospital can reduce the costs of storage and handling of samples from 12.6 million to 3.6 million Euro.

RoboTool, www.robotool.dk
Mr. Leif Thomsen, Robotool A/S, Vestermarksvej 10, DK-6600 Vejen, Denmark Tlf. +45 7697 8888 Frigortek Cooling Systems, www.frigortek.dk
Mr. Per Guldbrand, Kastanievej 11, DK-7184 Vandel, Denmark, Tlf. +45 70 23 48 11.
Vejle Hospital, Mr. Ivan Brandslund, Head of laboratory Tlf. +45 79 40 65 00


Ivan Brandslund

Vejle Hospital

Kabbeltoft 25
7100 Vejle

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