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What we offer

Welltech makes the devices for the bathroom interior, which also can be adapted to individuals with dysfunctions. We have a selection of washlets which suits the Danish care segment, and the types of accessories that can fulfill the desire of the individual to be self-reliant and stay longer in its own home.

Products and solutions

Coway E-bidet

The Coway is a digital and unique bidet with a focus on both functionality and an extraordinary design. The bidet features the lowest water- and electricity costs on the market, and there is no need for general maintenance of the vital parts, since the build-in system sterilizes and decalcifys the water. Furthermore, the design is made for user friendliness, durability, and energy efficiency. Learn more ›

Touch-free fixtures

For many people, proper hygiene is crucial. Our touch-free fixtures makes this much easier. When you move your hands to the built-in sensor, the water starts to flow, which means you don't have to touch the fixture at all, meaning that bacteria are not being transfered. Learn more ›

Case stories

Instruktion Fjernbetjening Toilet Med Bidetfunkton Bidet

Delivering bidets to Copenhagen municipality

Welltech delivers bidets to severval of the Danish municipalities.
The use of bidets saves the country for the cost of treating infections and skin diseases and make the people self-reliant when using the toilet, because we believe that this increases the quality of life for the inclused persons. Learn more ›


Maiken Hoffmann


Nyvang 3
5500 Middelfart

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